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Disaster Recovery – Planning for Failure

By Neil Damania | Mar 24, 2016

  As a MSP for our clients, we often do not have days off. We have to plan for the unexpected; in our world it is always worst case scenario not best case. In new client discovery meetings we often find that the DRP plans is in motion, but not really implemented. As spring time…

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Do I Need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

By Neil Damania | Mar 4, 2016

This statement is most easily countered with the following question: would you fly away on holiday without travel insurance? Sure, your office in London and that island in the Caribbean are quite different in concept; but the idea of insuring against loss i s one of the same whether for your business, luggage or pet.…

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Navigating The Challenges with Wireless Security

By Neil Damania | Feb 19, 2016

What could possibly supersede our basic needs for food, water, shelter and warmth? The answer is four letters: WiFi! As we wait for all the psychology textbooks to be updated with Fig. 1, let’s explore four drivers of Wi-Fi usage that are behind this explosion of wireless connectivity and the security implications we must not…

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I.T. Relocation

By Neil Damania | Dec 2, 2015

Relocation is often the result of a company’s expansion or the end of its current lease. An expanding business isn’t a bad thing. However, once a business begins to grow, more office space is often needed. Whether you’re moving from a home office to a new workspace or relocating from one commercial building to another,…

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Hello World

By Neil Damania | Nov 27, 2015

This is Grip I.T.’s first blog post. We are passionate about technology. It is unbelievable how technology has been shaping our lives. So this blog is our journal. We would like to share what we learn about running a Business to Business model, marketing, sales, technology development and really everything on our path to a…

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