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Help Desk Support Services

Help Desk Support Services

Learning About Help Desk Support Services from Jim

To get a basic understanding of how Grip IT's help desk support services work, let's consider a user-end experience from a client named Jim. After reading Jim's experience, you will have a basic understanding of the purpose and functionality of our help desk support services. Jim needs to troubleshoot his IT problems with Grip IT, but Jim can't access his email account for some reason. Due to the nature of Jim's job, he can't work without access to his email.

Frustrated, Jim Calls Grip IT's help desk support services. A ticket is immediately generated and routed to an onsite or remote help desk and is assigned to a technician who accesses a convenient point of contact to provide technical support for Jim and answers to his questions. After just a few moments of troubleshooting, Grip IT's technician discovers that Jim's email account has not been added to the company's active directory. Our friendly technician activates Jim's email account within the company's directory and verifies that Jim's able to log in and access his email from that point on. End of story.

That's it. Though this is a short story, this is how most help desk queries are handled. There are two takeaways from Jim's story. First, Jim explained his situation to the help desk at Grip IT and got the help he needed right away to get on with his business. Second, his experience was enjoyable, because Grip IT focuses equally on tech and customer experience, our clients get the help they need from a friendly technician.

Three Tiers of Help Desk Support 

Jim's help desk query never made it past the first tier of support. True, there are some instances where problems aren't as easily resolved and must be escalated. However, like Jim, most people find the help they need in the first tier of help desk support. Help desk services are typically structured into three tiers of support. Each tier handles increasingly complex issues. The three tiers of Grip IT's help desk support services are structured as follows:

Tier 1: first touch resolution (problem usually resolved within ten minutes)
Tier 2: minimal root cause analysis and troubleshooting
Tier 3: tackles complicated incidents that require extensive troubleshooting and engineering support

Grip IT's help desk is a tactical solution for everyday IT issues where dedicated technicians provide reactive support for software application devices and hardware endpoints.

Our IT Team is Provides World-Class Help Desk Support Services to All Businesses and Organizations

The nice part about having Grip IT on your team is knowing that you have the best technicians in the industry on your side round-the-clock. We have the tools and the resources to monitor your network 24/7 and make sure your systems are running smoothly at all times. We notice trouble signs as soon as they develop, and we're usually able to prevent them from becoming problems for you and your staff.

Whether you need help with an account login, a password reset, antivirus issues, or anything else, we'll keep your network and devices functioning properly. At Grip IT, we take a forward-thinking, proactive approach to help desk support services. We surround you and your staff with an expert IT team as opposed to one or two in-house IT guys.

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