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It Support Markham

It Support Markham

Grip IT is the most reliable source for IT support in Markham. Our IT support system is structured optimally to provide the best for our clients, their team, and their users. Our IT support system is broken down into three levels. Each support level handles increasingly complex issues, with the first level of support dealing with fundamental IT issues, such as login challenges, antivirus, software installation, troubleshooting, and other common IT issues.

Our state-of-the-art tools and resources, originating from our data center, allows Grip IT to monitor our client's networks and devices 24x7. We're always checking for any irregularities that can become problems and rapidly correct them (usually before our clients catch wind of it). Because of our resources and our well-layered support system, Grip IT can offer the fastest IT support in Markham.

When a query comes in, a ticket is generated and immediately transferred to our level one support department. Using a convenient point of contact, one of our technicians will reach the client and begin solving the problem right away. Level one support issues are usually resolved in no more than fifteen minutes. Our rapid response time is one reason why Grip IT is the top choice for IT support in Markham.

Level two IT support is for tickets that must be escalated for services beyond what the first level of IT support can assist with. The third level of IT support deals with complicated matters requiring the expertise of an engineer. Whatever your IT needs might be, Grip IT has the personnel, the tools, and the support system to streamline your solution.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Natural and human-made threats exist to your data, whether you know it or not. For example, Toronto is prone to strong winter storms and has seen significant flooding in recent years. These natural occurrences have caused many organizations to lose all of their precious data permanently. Without a reliable backup and recovery system, your data could be at risk. Trust Grip IT for the best IT support in Markham.

Human-made examples of threats to your data include malware, such as Cryptolocker. Even organizations who have backup systems have fallen victim to viruses because they chose weak backup systems in the first place. When your hardware or software fails due to a virus, you could lose all of your data permanently. This scenario can be catastrophic for a business.

Your Network Security

Grip IT can make your network secure. Aside from backup and disaster recovery, we offer the best IT support in Markham for small and medium-sized organizations by placing a considerable degree of emphasis upon network security. Here are some of the ways we can strengthen your network and make it more secure:

UPDATE AND MANAGE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE: Our pros at Grip IT know all about malware and virus protection. Threats are ever-evolving, and having your malware and virus protection managed from a central location is highly advisable.

SECURE FIREWALL: A secured firewall will protect your network from outside intrusion and keep it private.

CONTINUAL SOFTWARE UPDATES AND SECURITY PATCHES: It is essential to update your software regularly. Software providers are always finding new flaws in their products, and updating your software is the way to stay safe. Unfortunately, hackers and bad guys also find these holes in your software and can wreak havoc.

It Support Markham
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