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Managed It Services Markham

Managed It Services Markham

Why Seek Managed IT Services in Markham?

If you asked ten people why managed information technology (IT) services are important, you would likely get ten very different answers. Keep that in mind when you're searching for managed IT services in Markham. Usually, the reason given for the need for managed IT services is only part of the bigger IT picture. Grip IT fully understands IT, and we provide the most complete and comprehensive managed IT services in Markham.

Grip IT MSP in Markham

Whether you run a small, medium, or large business; whether your business is in baking cakes, building aircraft, or manufacturing soap, you have specific technology needs. You must help your suppliers, employees, and customers communicate effectively. Additionally, you must protect your proprietary information, and you may even need a reliable e-commerce solution.

Typically, you would hire an IT staff to help buy, lease, build, and manage what you need. However, technology has become very complex and more expensive, so there's more for your team to manage than ever before. Fortunately, your team doesn't have to manage it all! Grip IT is a managed services provider (MSP) offering IT services in Markham. We can handle your IT needs for you so you can focus on running your business.

What Does an MSP Do?

As your MSP, Grip IT will meet all of your technology and communications needs for a low monthly fee. What does an MSP do? For better insight into the matter, an MSP typically has three primary functions as follows:

1. Service provider
2. System integrator
3. Value-added reseller (VAR)

As your MSP, we can sell you a solution and implement it on your behalf. Your solution can include network and communications-based services related to WAN or LAN infrastructure. Also, your solution can consist of computer-based services related to user or enterprise applications or associated business processes and computer-based services related to desktop or enterprise computing infrastructure.

Grip IT's MSP employees are highly skilled experts who monitor and manage your IT solutions remotely from a network operating center (NOC). Any troubleshooting, moves, adds, changes, updates, or upgrades can be handled directly from the NOC, depending on the level of service you want.

Maintain Control of Your Managed IT Services Markham

Maybe you're thinking, "I don't want to give up control though." Fortunately, with Grip IT's managed IT services in Markham, you don't have to give up control. With Grip IT, you can choose to handle most or some of your solution in-house. It's not about outsourcing alone. It's about developing a road to cloud-based services, depending on the operator model you choose. These include:

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). CPE offers remote the management of services provided from equipment at your location.

On-Demand Service and Cloud-Based Models. The MSP provision delivers and operates this service.

Hosted Model. Hosted models offer hosting and management of the services you need from an MSP's NOC.

Managed It Services Markham
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