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Small Business File Sharing Services

Small Business File Sharing Services

For managers and business owners, sharing files is essential to day-to-day business operations. Grip IT offers small business file sharing services with unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to send the most extensive files you can imagine. To learn more about our world-class small business file sharing services, contact Grip IT today to discuss your IT needs.

Understanding File Sharing

If you ask many of today's leading managers and business owners what file-sharing means, most would tell you that sharing files is merely the act of attaching documents in an email. However, if you've ever attempted to share larger files or collaborate on files in real-time on any email platform, you've probably figured out that email is not a reliable method of file sharing. That's where online file or "cloud" file sharing comes into play.

Cloud-Based File Sharing from Grip IT

Grip IT's small business file sharing services will host all of your most crucial data safely on cloud servers where you can store, share, and collaborate on files without disruption. You'll be able to upload and share files with co-workers, partners, and clients through a downloadable link.

File Sharing for Collaborators

Our small business file sharing services also provide useful platforms for project collaboration whereby you'll be able to invite others to work on specific folders. Anyone who receives your link will be able to add new files, modify or make changes to existing files, and communicate openly with everyone else on an ideal enterprise-based file sharing platform.

Indeed, Grip IT small business file sharing services offer plenty of business-oriented features and tools along with our cloud backup system, which is essentially a hybrid system for the best data protection on the market today. All of our collaboration tools are designed to promote creative collaboration.

Customize Your Small Business File Sharing Services

Grip IT's small business file sharing services provide a straight-forward yet dynamic file sharing platform with adequate, practical, and comprehensive features allowing enterprises to share files anyway your organization requires.

Grip IT is a favorite choice for file sharing services and features a lot of integrations with other platforms. Give Grip IT a call today to talk to our IT experts about a free trial account to see if our services are right for you before you make a purchase. If you know your file sharing needs and are ready to purchase a plan, we'll help you sort through the different plan types and pricing schemes we.

Choose a File Sharing Plan that Works for Your Enterprise

Grip IT offers free plans, personal plans, and enterprise/business file sharing plans. Each plan is tiered according to the nature of the needs of each client and how much storage you will be allocated. Our free and personal plans don't provide nearly as many gigabytes of storage or bandwidth as an enterprise plan would. Further, our enterprise plans are designed specifically for the office environment, providing you with tremendous storage capacity, multiple user accounts, and sophisticated collaboration features.

Contact Grip IT today to discuss our small business file sharing services in greater detail. We'll help you find a plan that's beneficial and affordable.

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